Design Studio

Reality Studio S14 Tiger Calm lookbook
30 October 2013

Art direction and shooting for Summer 2014 Tiger Calm shoe collection lookbook. An ongoing collaboration with our friends at Reality Studio in Berlin.

João Pedro Oliveira
30 October 2013

A business card for our friend the jewler João Pedro Oliveira. More work coming soon.

Speed of The World Switcher
07 June 2013

This concept prototype switcher, that is able to decelerate the Speed of the World, was designed for In-House Objects, an exhibition about objects produced by design studios curated by BAERCK for Berlin Design Week.

Posters Sónia Carvalho
30 May 2013

The Cuban Eight
07 May 2013

The new brand-mark design for London based brand The Cuban Eight. It brings together both a wordplay and an aerobatic figure eight maneuver under the brand logo.

Luis Buchinho SS 2013 invitation
12 April 2013

Luis Buchinho Spring-Summer invitation for Paris Fashion Week.

Reality Studio x Colönia
15 March 2013

The Souvenir pattern is a collaboration between Colönia and Reality Studio for the Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

14 March 2013

A curatorial collaboration with Yoske Nishiumi for the Colönia Store. More details about Matsuyama here.

Reality Studio W13 Zoolook lookbook
14 March 2013

Once again we shot and art directed the lookbook for the second shoe collection of our friends at Reality Studio in Berlin.

Drawn to Places
14 March 2013

We were featured on the wonderful Drawn to Places in an interview regarding a special place. The photo below is from DtP mentor João Drumond.

26 January 2013

Fitness, a colönia installation, part of the collective show Remade in Portugal 2012, at Galeria Fundação EDP, Porto. More about Fitness.

Natal dos Experimentais
16 December 2012

Poster for the 8th edition of Natal dos Experimentais, an event promoted by Crónica.

Blackware Logo
16 December 2012

Blackware logo for our .

Luis Buchinho AW 2012-13
01 December 2012

Shooting and art-direction for Luis Buchinho AW 2012-13.

Reality Studio SS2013 Shoe Collection
29 November 2012

We shot and art-directed the lookbook for the first shoe collection from the Berlin based fashion label Reality Studio.

29 November 2012

Mask by artist and performer Sónia Carvalho commissioned by Colönia for the Colönia Store. Photo and art direction by Colönia.

18 September 2012

Configurations, a customized Benetton Shirt and 2 lambda prints, is our contribution to the exhibition United Portuguese at Fabrica Features Lisbon.

Sónia Carvalho's Website
17 September 2012

A website designed by Colönia for artist and performer Sónia Carvalho.


Line of Two
14 March 2013

A video invitation for Colönia Micro-gallery after-party with Line of Two.

Luis Buchinho AW 2012-13 Invitation
22 May 2012

Luis Buchinho Autumn-Winter invitation for Paris Fashion Week.

Luis Buchinho SS 2012 Invitation
22 May 2012

Luis Buchinho Spring-Summer invitation for Paris Fashion Week.

Colönia Store Posters
26 April 2012

A new collection of posters for Colönia Store exploring fictional writing. More on

Colönia Studio Shot
19 April 2012

The Golden Skull Studio Shots
04 February 2012

Mimata Collections
21 December 2011

Mimata Mango
25 October 2011

A video for the Mimata Mango collection.

27 September 2011

Blackware is a design fiction about a micro-device that stores the encrypted affective data of its owner.

A Tangent Project for Experimenta Design 11 Useless in Lisboa, it will be showing at Fabrica Features in Lisbon from the 30th of September to the 30th of October.

Luis Buchinho AW 11-12
12 September 2011

New branding image art directed for the Luis Buchinho AW 11-12. More on

The Master Students
30 June 2011

A video commissioned by Manuel Alves for his Projecto De Moda Master students at FAUTL.

Miguel Flor for Eureka SS11
17 April 2011

Miguel Flor for Eureka SS11 footwear collection shots.

Weekend SS/2011 catalogue
17 April 2011

Two shots from Weekend, the SS/2011 catalogue for eureka shoes. Check them all out in our

Bloom video installation
02 April 2011

The by Colönia series of videos we did for the Bloom video installation at Portugal Fashion AW 2011.

A video for 10
01 February 2011

A video we did for our first product, 10

31 January 2011

10, the first Colönia product, is in the Store

21 January 2011

Nelson's website is online.

15 January 2011

A business card for Luís. His website is coming soon.

Mimata Temporary Show Campaign
29 December 2010

Two output shots from the Mimata Temporary Show Campaign we created for Joana Mieiro's Mimata collections. Check them all out in our

Miguel Flor for Eureka AW10
09 December 2010

A couple of shots from the Miguel Flor for Eureka AW10 Footwear Collection. Check them all out in our

Eureka Pop Up Store Invitation
04 December 2010

Yes We Cancan Poster
17 November 2010

Poster for Yes We Cancan, a Serralves, Plano B and Cinbol joint event integrated in the exhibition Às Artes Cidadãos!

Mimata Temporary Show Invitation
08 November 2010

We're working with Joana Mieiro on her jewellery brand Mimata. We art directed and produced the Mimata Temporary Show, a live photo shoot session event. Below is the shot for the invitation we did for the show.

Colönia Opening Invitation
18 October 2010

05 October 2010

We're working with Nelson on a new branding image for his creative output as a fashion producer. The business cards are ready and the website is coming soon.

SÃO PAULO SS Collection 2011
25 September 2010

Concept film invitation for V!TOR's SÃO PAULO Spring Summer Collection 2011 show at Moda Lisboa.

Miguel Flor for Eureka brand imaging
24 September 2010

Here are a few samples of the brand imaging we created for the Miguel Flor for Eureka S/S 2010 footwear collection. Check them all out in our

Miguel Flor
19 April 2010

We're thrilled to state that we've started to work with Miguel Flor, he is one of our favorite creative minds and a wonderful friend. Among a bunch of things that we're going to develop for him we've just finished his personal logo below. We'll come back soon with more news entries on our collaboration.

Pedro Sequeira
09 April 2010

Pedro was one of the first Colönia clients, we did an ultra-personal business card for him and we've heard that it has been a hit among everyone.

04 August 2010

The flowers bloom, the sun sets, friends get married, invitations are made and a website too.

09 April 2010

We did Kate (Colönia Loves Kate) for the Skatomize 09 show at Plano B. We kind of hold on to the idea of taking our plants for a ride in a half-pipe. For your pleasure, Kate's trucks are a pair of hardcore classic Independents, manufactured since the late seventies in Santa Cruz, CA by the legendary Independent Truck Company.

09 April 2010

This photograph is a special talisman for Colönia, we did it as a gift for Bless's Ines Kaag and is our first work together under the Colönia moniker. Furthermore, we were inspired to start Colönia on the very same trip to Berlin where we met Ines, so we consider her to be some sort of patron to our project.