Micro-gallery presents
Re: Niklas Roy's Lumenoise, VVAA

flyer Re: Lumenoise

Colönia invites you to the opening of Re: Lumenoise — a reinterpretation of Niklas Roy's Lumenoise, next Saturday the 8th of December at 5pm.

Lumenoise, a light pen audiovisual synthesizer that interacts with analogue TV screens, was developed by Niklas Roy during a highspeed residency at La Gaîté Lyrique, a multi-purpose space for digital art and new media, in Paris.

Niklas Roy's Lumenoise production photo © Niklas Roy

The german artist, whose work we've been following for a while, makes available for download through his website the piece's code and schematics in order to allow the general public to build their own versions of Lumenoise.

As a way to highlight this act of sharing and active dialogue with the public domain, Colönia commissioned a couple of reinterpretations of Lumenoise coordinated by Ricardo Lafuente, and developed by two teams of Communication Design students from the University of Porto Fine-Arts School.

Therefore, the Colönia Micro-gallery is delighted to present Re: Niklas Roy's Lumenoise, by Maura Carvalho & Tomás Canha and Joana Morgado, Hugo Lobo & Raquel Meireles, with Ricardo Lafuente.

The exhibition runs from the 8th of December until the 1st of March. You can visit the Colönia Micro-gallery from Tuesday to Friday, 14-19H30, and Saturdays 14-19H.

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