Parallel to the Studio Work, Colönia creates and produces its own products, like the celebratory stamp 10, the Speed of the World Switcher or the Blackware fictional pill. 

Having or not a physical functionality, Colönia´s objects are meant to be speculative and value a poetical approach.

If you would like to develop a new product or a collaboration with us please get in touch at

From 2010 to 2014, Colönia showcased a personal curation of objects on its own Store based in Porto, Portugal. Consisting on a transdisciplinary and object oriented approach, the collection featured local and international designers and artists from different disciplines such as jewelry, product design, fashion, sculpture and printed matter.

In Store brands & artists: BLESS, Saskia Diez, Mischer Traxler, Sam Baron, Ralf Schreiber, Vladimir Karaleev, Miguel Flor, Colönia, Hugo Madureira, Reality Studio, ffiXXed, Max Lamb, Chen & Williams, Júlio Dolbeth, LLOT LLOV, Sónia Carvalho, and João Pedro Oliveira among others.

Colönia Store (overview selection .pdf)

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